Bresler Promoted to Associate Professor


Congratulations to Dr. Guy Bresler for being promoted to associate professor, effective July 1, 2019. His research focuses on high-dimensional statistical inference. His work considers two key factors for an inference or learning task to be possible: informational/statistical complexity (does the data contain enough information for the task to be in principle feasible?), and computational complexity (does the problem have a structure that can be exploited to obtain computationally feasible algorithms?). He has made several central contributions to this field. Recent work addressed the question of “complexity” of statistical problems.

Dr. Bresler received his PhD in EECS from the University of California at Berkeley in 2012. After a post-doctoral fellowship at MIT, he became assistant professor in EECS and a core faculty member of IDSS in 2015.


Guy has taught and contributed to the curricula of multiple EECS classes, including probability theory, machine learning, algorithms for inference, and discrete stochastic processes. He mentors several PhD students; a student of his won the competitive best paper award in the Conference on Learning Theory (COLT). He serves as co-chair of the ML/INFR student admission group in EECS, and organizes external seminars in both LIDS and SDSC.

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