Interview with LIDS PhD Student – Igor Kadota


Igor Kadota is a PhD candidate with the Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems (LIDS) advised by Prof. Eytan Modiano. His research is on communication networks, particularly in the development of network control algorithms to improve the quality of service in wireless networks. He received an interview recently about his research topic, motivation in joining MIT/LIDS, and life in Cambridge. A summary is given below.

Research topic:

“Future Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications will increasingly rely on sharing time-sensitive information for monitoring and control. Examples are abundant: autonomous vehicles, smart factories, smart homes, immersive gaming, etc. In such application domains, it is essential to keep information fresh, as outdated information loses its value and can lead to system failure and safety risks. … My research is on the development and deployment of networking algorithms designed to keep information fresh in large-scale networks. … ”

Motivation in joining MIT/LIDS:

“Two elements that make this a unique research environment are passionate people and research excellence. People at LIDS are all at the top of their field because they are passionate about what they do. The research at LIDS is known for its excellence. The goal is not to publish as many articles as possible, but to keep to a high standard. …”

Life in Cambridge:

The best part of living in Cambridge is the proximity to the MIT community. My favorite part of MIT is the people who you get to meet here. … It is amazing to see how people at MIT are open and friendly. I learned a lot from those conversations with fellow students (and even some professors), when we discussed our research, life goals and thoughts on technology or politics. …”

Professor Eytan Modiano

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