Dr. Kevin Tsai raised 31 million fund and co-funded Badu Networks


Dr. Wei Kang (Kevin) Tsai (LIDS/MIT, PhD, 1986) is Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine. After 20 years as professor at University of California, Dr Tsai raised 31 million fund and co-founded Badu Networks in 2014. He is currently Chief Scientist of the company.

As an expert in computer and communication networks and specifically, flow control, routing and traffic management, Dr. Tsai’s research aimed at addressing one of the most critical issues in the network today: lack of quality of service (QoS). He exploited concepts of scalability, controllability, observability, functional placement, stability and optimality to solve the QoS dilemma. His work can be applied to most areas of computer networks, storage and computer systems and Internet applications.


Badu Networks provides software and appliance solutions that improve the end-user experience for web sites, streaming video, social media, cloud storage, and any interactive web-based applications that use the Internet as their transport. The start-up achieves these goals by increasing the speed that TCP delivers data over both wired and wireless connections.