Kuo received Edward J. McCluskey Award


LIDS alum Dr. C.-C. Jay Kuo (LIDS/MIT, PhD 1987), Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and the Director of the Multimedia Communications Laboratory at the University of Southern California, has been selected to receive the IEEE Computer Society 2019 Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award, for “outstanding contributions to multimedia computing technologies and their applications.”

Dr. Kuo is a world-renowned technical leader in multimedia computing technologies, systems and applications with an enduring impact on both academic and industry realms in the last three decades. He has made seminal contributions to video coding technologies in three areas: fast motion search, H.264 rate control, and perceptual coding. Dr. Kuo’s deblocking filter and rate control technologies are widely used in video capturing devices such as smart phone cameras. Furthermore, he conducted extensive work in applying wavelets to image processing such as texture analysis, curve representation, fractal analysis, watermarking and data hiding. Recently, he has focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision and has developed a mathematical model that shed light on the mysterious behavior of deep learning networks.


Dr. Kuo said, “It is a great honor to be named as the recipient of the IEEE Computer Society 2019 Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award. There are many outstanding researchers in the field, and I am truly humbled for this recognition.”.

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