Prof. Andy Yagle Retired After a 32-Year Career at the Univ. of Michigan


Prof. Andy Yagle (LIDS/MIT, PhD 1985) retired in May 2017, after 32 years at the University of Michigan distinguished by his dedication to teaching as well as contributions to research in the area of signal and image processing.

When Andy started teaching at the University of Michigan in 1985 after receiving his PhD from MIT. Andy’s research in signal processing focused on problems in inverse scattering, iterative algorithms in medical imaging, fast algorithms for digital signal processing, sparse imaging, and phase retrieval. He formulated a "layer stripping approach" in 1988, which became central to the theory of inverse problems. His research, because it was theoretical, was applicable to a wide range of fields, including geophysics, acoustics, cardiology, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


His research earned him an NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award and an Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award. He later received the College of Engineering (CoE) Class of 1938E Award for outstanding contributions to research as well as teaching. He graduated 24 doctoral students throughout his career.